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By: A Stranger

Page 1, Going back over ten years when life was a lot bleaker... for me.

I'm torn, I'm lost

No sense or direction

All I lived by, what guided me


Instinct, blind; logic, dumb; wisdom, mute

I shake from doubt

Chilled by fear

I am hollow, a husk, without substance

Torn out, cast aside, forgotten

Eaten by things unknown

No not unknown, misunderstood

Doubted, feared!!!

The reason, the deisre,... DEAD

The dread of not understanding

How it has come about

And the boil of anger as to why

Why now. In difficulty

Why could it not be simple?

Why could it not be true?


Driven by unknowns, I feel myself fleeing

No slipping away

Emptiness everywhere

Without comfort, beyond hope

I stumble, I stagger

The edge so close, the bottom so far...


Do I dare fall?

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