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It's a gray day

By: A Stranger

Page 1, Just felt like writing a warm and cuddly one

it's a gray day

I wake in utter pitch

Your warmth soothes

My next moment

as the sweetness

Of your breath

Floats across my chin

To tickle my nose

With all the care

And subtlety I can muster

I slip from

Under your aura

Becoming a wraith

In the black

I draw a tear

Into the void

Allowing an incandescent smoke

to pierce the room

A lump crushes my throat

As breath and heart stop

And a jewel from my soul

Journeys to my chin

Grey light is blushed

With bronze

The rise and fall of life

Observed in meticulous detail

Your hair, a lovers embrace

About a face

I have only ever dreamt

The pout of your lips

To the cleft of your chin

Grace of neck

To swell of breast

Down warmth conceals

The beauty of your hips

And the sensuality of your legs

My eyes close

But for a moment... dreaming

It's a gray day

I wake

Falling in love

Just watching you sleep.

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