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November Rain

By: A Stranger

Page 1, Its funny how seasons and emotions parallel.

November rain

The day defines disgust

Monotone kaleidescope panorama

A chill even felt within one`s haven

And naked trees weep

At the onslaught of wind

Sharp, without remorse

Even the body of water gazed upon

Reverberates with chill,

Rolling with goose bumps

November rain will make this a hard day

Preperation for transition has begun

as Fall becomes Winter, Security is left for unknown

A moment later

A visual oddity puzzles

Amber and gold begin to highlight slate

A sharpness honed

Radiating from all things

Warmth sensed

The wind changes and its gone

The wisp of a fleeting feeling

Yet lasting

Bleak outlook, one moment

Perspective forever differs

November rain met head on

Fall you drops of pure void

Be callus you unseen howl

I know in another moment you will falter

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