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Sigh of an Angel

By: A Stranger

Page 1, I don\'t have a summary for this one. But a chance meeting has rekindled that part of me which has been asleep for a very long time. I hope you enjoy. AS

I took a chance

and started an e-communication

giving it no never-mind

A vain hope, cast out

without expectations.

What startled me,

beyond the response

of a beauty captured by pixels

of grey and brown, greens, gold, and purple,

was a sensed need

underlying the written text

But most of all, her eyes

Chocolate brown and coffee black

alive with deep character

                A Sadness

I have not met her

Yet, open, raw, exposed

to that look I was

I know it is a photograph

yet it pulled at the very fibre

of what I am

A look of sadness

not born of pity

but of loss

A look of sadness

Expressing a yearning for love

So Absolute

My soul shivered

And my heart cried.

Bathed by the phosphorant light

Of an LCD screen

I felt her soul reach out and caress mine..

Like the Sigh of an Angel

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