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Misery Loves Company (by aayush011)

Poetry By: aayush011

I wrote this poem at a time when I was feeling lonely. You'll notice that the poem begins with a weary and dejected traveler -that is how used to see myself. I had finished the poem at the part where "my" imaginary friends find "me". But later decided to write further, and this time on hope. Although, I did, I still couldn't get out of my mind the fact that I was still desperately clenching on to the one person who this poem was (once) for. My poems are very personal, and often corny ... apologies, but I thought it'd be better if you knew the story behind it!

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Misery Loves Company


I had walked on this path alone for too long,

I had set out on which with the belief that

Somewhere along the road I'd find someone

Who would make the rest of the journey easy.

And though there have been more companions that I recount

None of them walked the entire length with me.

The roads diverged and we happily bid goodbye to move on.

I am afraid I'd have to make do with shadows and imaginary friends.

The monotony of the tread has left me with questions,

Questions whose answers I may never know.

Am I on the road to nowhere? Perhaps,

But I cannot know unless I've reached the finish.

Beyond the finish line lie the answers to the questions

My (unreal) friends raise. Can I make it to the finish line? Alone?

Unlikely. With every step I take, it seems, my mind

Kicks wildly at me, gasping for breath and screaming at me to stop.

How then do I go on?

Broken inside, I walk. It is then that I see you,

A light in the distance … my light. I know it is you and so I run.

My mind is kicking but this time my heart is pounding even harder.

Oh! The sight of you; and your light … my light.

Slowly life drains into me. Oasis in the desert.

But are you just a mirage? No, you aren't,

I've lived with mirages all my life. Soon,

The path turns flowery, the sky turns beautiful azure

And even the sun is struck dumb by your splendid aura.

Together, with you on a journey so joyous.

And eveytime time the roads diverged,

I held your hand close. Time passed by and

We travelled many a lengths together, I childishly believed,

For once, that this was forever.

The day came, the sky changed shades, the sun looked at me,

A mocking grin, the roads separated again.

You made your choice, I made mine and

Though I begged for you to stay, you simply wiped your tears,

Kissed my lips and walked away. For days I stood there

Hoping you'd turn back, but you had made your choice and

I had made mine. My light faded but I carried on,

Even as it rained. Someone then held my hand,

For a moment I thought it was you, but it turns out

My imaginary friends had found me again.


In misery's company I learnt that

My friends weren't imaginary, it is this journey

That is unreal. Heartbreak and despair

Is all that it offers, here the untruth prevails.

Whilst my friends offer hope, and hope it is

That I need to rise, and I know now

That people don't last, but beautiful memories survive.

In a world so dazed, so confused, I find reason,

The choice you had made wasn't an easy decision.

I think of it now, and realise that though you've left,

Your light will forever guide this traveller. And someday,

May we meet again, till then I shall walk.

When I do see you again, I will run to you

Like I once had, and greet you with a smile,

With stories of my journey and the lessons I would have learnt.

And time, once more, will fly

Till then I have happy memories to live by.


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