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Come Death

Poetry By: adighiero

Tags: Love, Romance, Death, Life, Poetry, Poem, Pain, Fantasy, Sex, Sad, Hate, Hurt, Hope, Fiction, Horror, Family, Friendship, Dark, Friends, Heart, War, Depression, Humor, God, Vampire, Sadness, Loss, Girl, School, Story, Blood, Murder, Adventure, Suicide, Mystery, Vampires, Fear, Magic, Challenge, Lost, Action, Drama, Abuse, Funny, Music, Relationships, Lust, Truth, Teen, Faith, Dreams, Alone, Anger, Tears, Dream, Darkness, World, Night, Boy, Trust, Kiss, Happiness, Passion, Evil, Happy, Broken, Lies, Children, Fun, Memories, Angel, Short, Song, Friend, Religion, Rape, Betrayal, Sorrow, Drugs, Twilight, Light, Gay, Thriller, Soul, Young, Joy, Crime, Emo, Relationship, Beauty, Woman, Heartbreak, Erotica, Science, Mother, Novel, Nature, Man, Change, Child, Fire, Peace, Help, Writing, Marriage, Rain, Fight, Future, Thoughts, Revenge, Dead, Comedy, Lonely, Adult, People, High, Moon, Cry, Angels, Black, Hell, Violence, Heaven, Demons, Eyes, Boyfriend, Confusion, Feelings, Father, Fighting, Forever, Desire, Secrets, Summer, Girls, Past, Poems, Grace, Freedom, Supernatural, True, Ghost, Werewolf, Lesbian, Mind, Humour, Boys, Suspense, Werewolves, Teenagers, Earth, Sun, Baby, Power, Reality, Scary, Jesus, Grief, Demon, Smile, Random, Water, Emotions, Loneliness, Tragedy, Erotic, Parents, Secret, Depressed, Book, Kill, Contest, Home, Crazy, Testimony, Die, Dance, Teenage, Lyrics, Battle, Spiritual, Memory, Regret, Edward, Devil, Fate, Free, Emotion, Words, Sea, Stars, Spirit, Cold, Sky, Scared, Bella, Art, Sweet, Beautiful, Self, Brother, Money, Childhood, Sleep, History, Society, Gone, Human, Teens, Women, Sister, Rose, Christmas, Crying, Winter, Bad, Hatred, Insanity, Teenager, Travel, College, Break, Kids, Health, Space, Despair, Romantic, Live, Dying, Meyer, Ghosts, Work, Stories, Becky, Cheating, Christian, Suffering, Destiny, Ocean, Snow, Jealousy, Forbidden, Booksie, Longing, Cutting, Angst, Beach, Men, Away, Girlfriend, Daughter, Missing, Hot, Torture, Mom, Alcohol, Princess, Party, Never, Spirituality, Moving, Goodbye, Crush, Witch, Dad, Care, Military, Wish, Wolf, Jacob, Escape, Youth, Journey, Weird, Cute, Emotional, Cancer, Animals, Fall, Haiku, House, Confused, Personal, Gun, Guns, Questions, Wedding, Waiting, Red, Monster, Alice, Killing, Inspiration, Real, Strange, Strength, Fairy, Prince, Silence, Falling, Politics, Powers, Addiction, Heartache, Danger, King, Living, Philosophy, Wind, Sexy, Witches, Government, Nightmare, Books, Diary, Killer, Lovers, Leaving, May, Gods, Forest, Depressing, Pictures, Sisters, Sorry, Fan, Memoir, Miss, Cat, Christianity, Hospital, City, Lie, Star, Misery, Dragon, Thought, Shadow, Blue, Car, Play, Wife, Pregnancy, Dog, Paranormal, Food, Bridegette, Hearts, Opinion, Rich, Forgiveness, Sexual, Guilt, Gothic, Wings, Sick, Divorce, Nothing, Sin, Tree, Letter, Rock, Insane, Highschool, Destruction, Storm, Dragons, Sacrifice, Bendich, Age, Awesome, Essay, Guy, Drunk, Dating, Hero, Online, Knife, Fake, 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Appreciation, Grow, Bridge, Knew, Mercy, Literary

I was insipired to write this poem after i saw a movie about a killer who is remorseful about his murders. This is a poem that i think would describe accurately how someone would feel if they were in his position.

Submitted:Oct 15, 2010    Reads: 155    Comments: 3    Likes: 3   

The begening

I'm so cold on this winter night
death approcahes,
with no hope on sight

Crying and scared is how i feel
because i know now
this is the end of my ordeal


What i did, what ive done
is all of the reasons
why this begun

Death and sadness
is what i brought
it is i who must be taught

Wrongdoing, this Mistake
how could it be
their lives at stake

All of them gone
out of sight
tell me this was not done

I stop, I blink, I pause
killed them...with my claws

This guilt, i did it all
how could this happen
how could i fall?

How could this be?
did i lose control?
is that the key?

I cannot flee


I see death now
he stares at me
and pulls me down

Regrets, pain, sorrow
everything i did
i want no morrow


My life...
flashing before my eyes
i see all my mistakes
my life dies


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