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Amend Me First

By: AemmaBella

Page 1, This poem was written during the SOPA/ PIPA outbreak.


My voice is free

And so solemnly pleas

To stop this madness you hereby decree,

Lest censorship be my married man

I cannot last without the muse in my hand.

My first was a voice so clear and ripe

My ears so tiny and red heard it pristinely in the night:

Why would you deny me my 1st right

When it be that right that was my first light?

Is it power. . . is it control-


Are you desperate?

Are you angry with us?

Do we deserve half a decade so much?

So Pa thetic . . . so sad.

This land is true and we are of the land

Amend us first.

Liberty cannot be so unjustly taken away

When it be Liberty that has built us initially. 

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