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Broken Fire

By: AemmaBella

Page 1, I\'m not even sure who this poem is about.


The way my throat contracts

When your smile is to me before we interact,

I feel the well begin to fill

Leaking leisurely down the skin I do feel,

The reverie is but all too painful that to contradict would make me a liar.

I can't even blink for fear of seeing

Your smile in my mind burns my soul in broken fire,

My foolish choice to feel is all but screaming

Inside my frame- threatening escape.

Please don't poison my fate.

I lie upon the hardened surface of fate

Aching my back as I remain awake

And there it is- I blink by mistake

And there it is, there is your smile

Burning my soul in broken fire.

I beg for consumption

So that the pain may cease and devour

My burns and my foolish reaction

And there it is- silence has fallen, burning

My soul slowly by the hour

Your laugh echos through my ears

Deafening me with blissful memories, my loyal fears.

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