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Down by the Spring

By: AemmaBella

Page 1, Revised:I just changed a few things, no big change. One of the works I might submit to the nature poems contest :)

Down by the spring I go this day

Rushing downhill with my dog to play,

I catch the bright colors of autumn leaves

Dancing in the wind as nature breathes.

The sound of the spring floats up to my ears,

I gaze down the hill as I near,

Spotting a butterfly with colorful wings,

Its little body but a blur as it speedily clings to random things.


The scent of the spring drifts up to my nose,

Sweet from the honeysuckle that dips and wallows.

I stooped down on the edge of the short little ledge,

Stealing a drink for my irksome thirst,

I tumbled into that sweet stream, headfirst!


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