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By: AemmaBella

Page 1, The title is an insider ;) This poem is dedicated to my best friend. I love you! I would appreciate it if there was no criticism on this piece...I did not write it for the world i am only sharing. Enjoy

My dearest friend

Until the end

Always there-

My secret teddybear.

The words I write will never suffice

For the way you make me feel is oh so light.

When you are not around my heart is like ice

There are none like you so kind and nice,

None so daring to treat his life.

My heart warms with bubbly bliss

When you've returned you've truely been missed.

I wonder sometimes if you know just how much i love you.

No one will ever take your place

A promise to you- our reticent dove-

Never to be stolen or burned in fiery hate.

You will always be the sweetest guy I have ever known;

My beatifully carved love stone.

When I'm with you I'm never alone,

As we share our secrets- ear to ear- whispering truths,

what one anothers done.

My greatest friend... I feel blessed with you.

Until the end we will always be true.

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