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Spare The Angel

By: AemmaBella

Page 1, The ironic tale of a devious angel.

She hides in her tower,

Secluded by the hour,

Not frightened away nor against her will

But to protect the world from the pain she inflicts,

Bloody eyes be the death of their spirits, but truly to her a blessed kill.

Rogue some would call it but she does not insist

She claims angelic saving by honest given means,

And broken souls be damned to her she never will redeem.


She hides in her tower,

Secluded by the hour,

The only love she had once had has truly been befuddled;

Lured he was into her den,

Where she slyly shoved and made him tumble,

Crash did his heart go as he stumbled flailing down the pen.

No loving arms to hold him-thus to recover his lost wound.

No chances begvien to the foolish love,

He surly will be doomed,

For why would one so keen as he

Bequeath himself to her dreary cove?

Surly he be truly doomed for we knew it was to never be.

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