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Eternal Battle


Page 1, There is 2 sides to this poem one the one you read and the other is like a puzzle that is hidden in the image. Only with your imagination could you see what is hiden in the words.

Eternal Battle

Through the day and through the Night
I have seen upon the Light
What the future is beholding
What the past had been withholding

It is you that I have searched for
No other than I have longed for
In the future you and I
Join two wings to soar the sky

Fly away from our dark past
Into the future light at last
As finished war of Good and Evil
It will end the battle that’s inside, still…

When in gloom, seem never-ending
When enjoyed then life’s descending
Like a blossom in the sky,
Gone in an instant like a lie.

I have seen upon the Light
Like the day and the Night
Like sun and moon in sight
Nemeses, lover, be my best friend I see
We are one, with you inside me

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