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"How, We?"

By: Alex Sharpe

Page 1, \"How, We?\" -- A Poem by Alex Sharpe (C) 2011


"How, We?" -- A Poem by Alex Sharpe

Through all of the problems we face,

Through all of the matters in space;

We humans have always been -- the biggest disgrace.

Although sometimes we may not know that what we are doing is wrong -- we can forgive ourselves and others, as we sing our own song.

For all of the sinners and unfaithful beginners who worship only themselves, will or may soon find out -- the sounds of hell's bells.

It is the truth that no one person can actually find out that what they have done, are doing, or are going to do -- is what what God thinks is actually right.

For, who really knows, that what all of us humans think is right/good -- and possibly respectful to God, may actually be entirely wrong in his book.

If you just believe -- believe, believe, and believe -- and try to reach for a reasonable goal -- God just may make the decision -- to save your soul.

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