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"The Darkness Within"

By: Alex Sharpe

Page 1, \"The Darkness Within\" -- A Poem by Alex Sharpe (C) 2011


"The Darkness Within" -- A Poem by Alex Sharpe

All I can see is darkness.

It has been silent for as long as the grave.

Burning within me day after day.

See my grandfather be towed into a hearse.

It is one big unfaithful scary curse.

Being trapped in the bottom of my bottomless purse.

My hair won't stop growing as my eyes won't stop glowing.

In this dream -- I never stop sowing.

It is scary -- it is -- the fear -- you know.

To have to look out the devil's window.

To peer at Heaven, then be thrown down into hell.

This is really just part of the stories I tell.

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