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"The SPcrOOK"

By: Alex Sharpe

Page 1, The SPcrOOK is a poem by Alex Sharpe. Copyright (c) 2011 - 2012 by Alex Sharpe

The SPcrOOK -- by Alex Sharpe
Through the arches of gold, my human senses oh so cold. A great, great myth – so grand in width. Spying on you – you think it’s cruel. Your dog hops on your lap – mouthful of drool. A sound – the sound of a shot – fired from a spot. You jump up – and break the old stool – its wooden legs – broken so cruel. You look outside, your dog aside. Taking a look – at the mysterious crook. You hear a hammering – a tapping, the sound of someone napping. You look in the closet to find this crook. This major mysterious spook. Hangs a hook, out of the darkness – You jump, you scream, then wake up from this dream.

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