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Friends Forever...or maybe not?

By: Ally5Andy

Page 1, What is friendship, after the ship has sunk?


The minute that I opened my eyes
You smiled at me, you held my hand
That moment I will cherish for life
It seems so wrong but it is right.

You misled me a million times
But I learnt my lesson, now I'm fine
Now I know through time in vain
You do love me just the same.

I'm standing in the pouring rain
Without a coat and you're not there
You promised now you're breaking it
Or maybe you're just faking it.

No matter what they say tonight
I know you're looking after me
I look up, the sky seems so high
But a shining star lights up me eyes.

Tis' been years and yet I cry
I'm a girl who's lost the sparkle in her eyes
You're a friend who surpassed every lie
I'd say I miss you but that's undermine.

So now I move on without you here
It seems so wrong but it is right.

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