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- True Love -

By: Alon Calinao Dy

Page 1, Love that\'s true.

I think of you night and day
I feel like I'm going crazy
'Cause my love grows more deeply
With each passing day.

Each moment I spend with you, 
Countless emotions are coming through.
Every time I see your smiles, 
I laugh with tears in my eyes.

Sometimes, I am confused.
Can't explain this love anymore.
Why do I have to hide it for so long? 
Can I make this a beautiful song? 

My love for you is, 
The sunrise that colors the velvet sky, 
The fountain that shimmers pearly blue, 
And the sun that beats down on me.

Now I cover my eyes with tears, 
As I live through the days without fears.
In my heart there is joy
That weeps incessantly. 

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