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Coming Anew

By: American Roulette

Page 1, poem

I’m a witness to,

The crimes of you and I.

A treasure a footstep,

Traced by the thoughts,

Of a love left unkind,

I can find anything I fail to see,

Through the belief,

That I am someone,

But I am no one to blame,

For the things we’ve done

Hold your breath,

You’re coming anew,

A part of a person that I’ve never knew,

And it’s hard to get by,

The things that you’ve tried,

With the ghosts of my past,

And present mistakes,

Just wait I’m not through,

And I have been just as bad as you,

To a limit of just fitting in,

From deep inside from the outside within,

I’m done for good with promises unkept,

I’m a story with pages left to be read,

Leave my excuses at the doorstep,

Defeat is only a selfish retreat of the mind

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