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Cursed Flowers

By: Angel BeatZ

Page 1, This is a poem based on the new novel series : xXBlood RoseXx Coming soon to Booksie! ~Angel BeatZ

Cursed Roses

Cursed roses that bloom at midnight

Catches passers eyes at first sight

Glowing in color; so red so bright

Don’t be fooled by its enchanted light

Growing by others suffering and pain

Not needing even a single drop of rain

Cures the ill and those in vain

Dipping it in enemies’ blood to stain

Deadly roses living in the darks

With thorns that will leave marks

Not on their hands but on the hearts

Unlocking secrets that were mysteries from the start

Scented roses from the dead

Take to the heart all I have said

Authors Note: "Hey everyone! Angel BeatZ here. Just wanted to say that this poem is based on the novel that will be coming out on Booksie soon! The book is titled 'xXBlood RoseXx'. I hope that you will all take a read once it is out and ill return the favor!"

~Angel BeatZ

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