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Separated By

By: Angel BeatZ

Page 1, A poem I made at the top of my head :D

Separated By

On the moonless night

I caught your sight

That innocent smile

I had to fight

Left me alone.

These feelings inside.

That burst so wide

On the edge of my dreams

I stood on its tide

Because that distance you made

I begged for you to stay

For you

I searched with the darkness

Slowly my memories began to fade

Your dream came true

I had forgotten you

Just to keep me safe

Away from me you flew

But the one day

You pass by my way

I recognized those eyes

My dreams had not went astray

Again, that night

You caught my sight

Memories came

The blood. Your pain.

I wanted you to stay

I even called your name

My heart was pierced

When I had to hear you say

I wasn’t in your reach

We were close yet far away

Separated by light and dark

The night and day.

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