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By: angelin

Page 1, Mirror has the power to reflect the outward image of things and it is the most fragile of all. Once broken it remains useless. Similar is man\'s heart. When it is strong, man is powerful enough to rule the world. But with a broken heart he staggers and falls.


O Mirror! Proudly you adorn the wall

And reflect the outward image of all.

Be it a crowned head or slave you don’t mind

But show their fading visage as designed.

O Mirror! The most fragile of all,

You are sure to sever when you fall.

Man handles you with utmost care

Once broken there’s nothing to spare.

You are sharp enough to slay a man

And put an end to his brief life span.


Similar to your nature is man’s heart

That can either be sturdy or torn apart.

When it’s strong, man withstands any storm

And reigns the entire world in the best form.

With a broken heart he staggers in each phase

 Hindered and trapped in the life’s long race

Life shatters for those with broken hearts

So it’s wise to act smart before one departs.

Triumph or disaster is never fixed to anyone

If man gets to know this, life is always fun.













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