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By: angelin

Page 1, A troubled mind leaves no room for sleep.


The night is chill, deep and dark,
All rapt and serene though not me.
A little pigeon cuddling in the bark,
Beside its mother proves its glee.


waking and tinkling at the night's alarm,
In through the pane, peeps the moon's ray.
Star light and stillness give a hypnotic charm,
In mental fog, here do I lay.


Ominous shadows, fiery ghosts show big face,
The major life's trauma, fatal torment so deep.
In fretful frenzy yet do I pace,
Depressed with solitude with none to weep.


O sleep! a welcome guest for the weary bands,
The poor man's wealth, a solace to man's heart,
You entangle the old , the infants of all lands,
Why so partial and forsake me apart?


O sleep! a little roof of dreams,
Girdle me whose heart is torn.
Move not thy heavenly grace as streams,
Come, linger in me where grief is born.


O sleep! a good tribute shall I pay,
Than all the cherubs can lend.
For all I ask is your gentle long stay,
And mettle to meet the silent end..

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