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A Legend in my own Time

By: Angie Blake

Page 1, A true story. I was sitting in a restaurant hearing people talk about me one day. They didn\'t recognize me because they had some rotten things to say about the person standing in front of them. They didn\'t realize that I was the person they were talking about! It was kind of weird! :)

I went to the diner and had a pop
as I most normally do,
I sat down at my usual booth,
and listened to the working crew.

I could hear the compliments
and complaints that I know all too well,
In between wiping down tables
and the ding of the dinner bell.

My attention soon got shifted,
as the waitress delivered their food,
I remained listening silently
I didn't want to seem that rude.

I heard my name mentioned several times,
took several drinks out of my cup,
They were telling stories of my past,
I wanted to say "What's up?"

I just sat there silently,
taking drags off my last smoke,
Not once did they seem to recognize me,
I thought it all a joke.

They kept looking over at me
I could hear them chatter under their breath,
Being as rude as rude as could be,
And I was getting quite bent.

Then my name popped up again,
They didn't know who I was,
They were just repeating stories,
Stupid is as stupid does.

Then as I listened I listened hard,
I read between the lines,
they said that I was a legend,
a legend in my own time!

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