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I Hold my Breath!

By: Angie Blake

Page 1, There are times I\'ve wondered if I\'m a good mother.

These last couple of years I've been reflecting a lot on my life.
Was I a good mother?
Did I spend the time with my kids like I should have?
Did I tell them I loved them enough?
Did I tell them how I appreciated them?
Did I teach them enough to move on by themselves?

I look at my kids
All three of them are strong.
They know what it takes to make themselves or break themselves.
If they have a problem they can solve it.
They just don't melt at the drop of a hat.

All of them are strong hard workers.
They are survivors.
They thrive at the thought of a challenge.

All of them have courage.
They have the courage to change things so they can survive.
They have the courage to face their own challenges day to day.
They have the courage to challenge someone or something on their own
and know they will survive.

They are honest.
No matter how much it hurts them or someone else
They are more willing to say exactly what it is that needs to be said. .
They say exactly how they feel with no sugar coating it.
They know what needs to be done to make the situation honest and fair.

They are individuals.
Each have their own charactistics.
Each have their own personalities.
Each have their own minds.

The most honorable question comes to mind.
Can they love?  
Can they be so human to accept love and reject the wrong love?
Can they love someone with no limits?
Can they love someone unconditionally?
Can they love themselves?

I hold my breath.


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