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:The Observer

By: Antonio Rivera

Page 1, A poem for a close friend

From where I stand, I am just an observer.
An observer of facial expressions and gestures.
Yours I pay special attention to.
In them I see performance; I see you acting for everyone around you.
I see the constant attribute of long sleeve shirts to cover horizontal lines which have brought you pain.
I see a smile stitched to your face, you tear the seams when you part your lips.
I am more than just an observer, an outside stranger who pays special attention to you.
I am a friend. Kind I am, so I will not tell you face to face because you'd paint an expression to fool me.
So through words of care, I pass meaningful letter onto you.
I do love you, as a brother loves his sister.
And as your arms grow tired of bearing those marks, I plead for you to rest.
Rest your head, so that you may reflect on what you are.
Rest my friend, so I can observe a more happy side of you; one that I am familiar with.

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