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How Could I Have Been Such A Fool!!!

By: aprilmelton33

Page 1, We all are fools sometimes!!!

How Could I Be Such A Fool?


How could I be such a fool,

There you were,

And there I was,

Not knowing what would happen,

You took my hand,

And told me that you cared,

That’s all I ever wonted was for a guy to really care about me,

I don’t know why I believed you,

I guess it was that look in your eyes,

We did so much stupid stuff,

And the one who is left with all the pain,

Is me,

I was a fool for you,

I thought that you was going to be different than all the others,

But you was the same,

A new girl comes along,

And your like next,

How could I have been such a fool,

Thinking that you really cared,

You told me that you was falling for me,

How could I have been such a fool to believe you,

I guess that sometimes we all are fools in our own ways!!



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