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Try and stop me

By: Arid Land Kate

Page 1, Try and stop me, you\'ll be the fool. I won\'t give up on this. Never.


Try and stop me


Raise me up, shoot me down.

Hold me high, let me fall to the ground.


All this hope, the spark of an idea.

I think the only thing I recieve is jeer.


I don't care what you think, do as you please.

You mean little or nothing, don't think you can tease.


Let the words flow, feel the tingle as they rush to the page.

But still nothing happens, my writing is being caged.


Why is it so hard? Who says I'm too young?

This is my drive, the last word has not been sung.


I'll fight for this, but not for me.

It's more than fame, that you must see.


I'm not self-centered, I'm not spoilt.

Every word typed is his, the idea won't recoil.


Listen to me, don't push me away.

Hopeless weighs me down, and it has the final say.


One day I'll show you, I'll rise above all.

You'll be sorry and regret it, when just one book has sold.


You think I'll give up, you don't know me.

Mostly I'm a quitter but not today, because what do you have left if you give up on your dreams?

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