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Death at final Point

By: aruntp

Page 1, Death is a sorrow for living; death is everlasting happiness for dead. The poem is of the moment between life and death when the soul departs the body for ever and ran away like an ant on the leaf falling from high above a tree.

The moment existed;

From the root so hard;

Felt ripe and exhausted;

Infinite was the answer.


Floated in the thin air;

Floated to and fro;

Glittered in the light;

An ant was on the edge.


On the way flowed smoothly;

Gripped on me tightly;

Looked down the earth;

Far below it lied.


Below air was like a cushion;

For the ant I laid as a cushion;

Rhythm of air heard faintly;

Sung a song it was a lullaby.


Closed eyes in the music;

Ant was tired and slept on my shoulder;

Flowed to and fro;

Descending the earth so hard.


A step down is a second away;

Jumped the ant in agony;

Ran as fast as it could;

Dashed on earth; laid forever.






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