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Light and Dark

By: aruntp

Page 1, “Light and Dark” is a small Poem that is sung by beating the drum of day and night in the unending wheel of time.

Smiling face lit a lantern;

Beyond the mountains so high;

Fluttered wings spread everywhere;

Flowers bloomed, leaves where bright.


Mist of coldness passed away;

Dew drops jumped down to earth;

Smiling faces crawled along;

Echoed music of joy everywhere.


Leaves came brighter and brighter;

Drum beats higher and higher;

Heard music as loud as it could;

Dancing souls every where.


Light from lantern came dimmer and dimmer;

Dancing steps came slower and slower;

Voice of music came harder to hear;

Flowers faded, and leaves where dark.


Howling wolfs and foxes all around;

Sliced the smiling face bit by bit;

Danced in joy, leaving face of terror;

Hooting Owls beats the drum.


Echoed music Drum louder and louder;

Lit a lantern of their own;

Faces laughed with shiny teeth;

Coldness and mist spread allover.


Beat of drum came slower and slower;

Dancing steps came slower and slower;

Voice of music came harder to hear;

Hooting Owls slowed their rhythm.


Laughing faces faded away;

Shiny teeth came rusty in time;

Beyond the mountains so high;

Came the smiling face again happily.


Never ended the wheel of time;

Came again again and again;

Something changed slowly;

Something changed rapidly.


Souls where teared inside the wheel;

Some came from nowhere;

Some went to nowhere;

Even, wheel never tried to stop.

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