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My strange Love

By: aruntp

Page 1, Love is a mysterious state of mind.....the mind falls in the abyss of hell and pleasure... and never tries to escape....or forgot’s the reality in every sense. This is a poem of my experience in love with a lady, and i somehow tried to escaped from the abyss of nowhere. But she haunts me like a forbidden dream everytime. Some says it is true love.

Angle that haunt’s

terrifying the nerve’s

cuts the vein open

splashing the blood

into the horizon inside

tearing the heart in to pieces

tiny pieces and pieces it appears

soaking the mind

into the abyss of hell and pleasure

walking with hallucination

she was crawling all over me like a snake

suffocating with pain

crushing into pleasure

where she never smiles

atleast once in a lifetime in reality.














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