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Mystic Ocean

By: aruntp

Page 1, A small poem that is written to indent the readers to have a short journey through fantasy.

I saw an ant not smaller than an elephant;

Walking across my tiny garden flowery and fragrent;

I saw an elephant not bigger than an ant;

Walking through the jungle, so dark and thick.


I saw a wasp walking over the plant,

And I saw a monkey driving a car too fast, across a river.

I saw a squirrel dancing on the floor;

And a butterfly swimming in the mid of the ocean blue.


Strangest of the strangest colors where used on the canvas

To sketch a picture that is nude and weird.

It saw a character of life;

Portraited on the canvas, so thick as steel.


I couldn’t find legs for that Canvas

Finishing painting it ran away, with blinking eyes;

Swimming in the ocean of fire, cool and tasty

Sang a song of love towards life.

A lightning stuck on the head so small,

it became bigger and bigger as universe,

filled everything in.

and wandered away through the road that

leads to darkness at the end.

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