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Vanished Moments

By: aruntp

Page 1, The poem “Vanished Moments” is from a real life experience of pleasure of mixed sadness and happiness that flowered from the seeds of lust and desire to love a physical body. This poem is natural, emotional with feelings of lust and desire of a mind involved in sexual pleasure.This poem is not obsene or have any nudity in it if readers think of it in imagination; it should be understood in more artistic and aesthetical way in the real canvas of colors or naturality.

Fluttered wings of colored hues;

Danced in rhythm tasted her lips;

Drunken blood with lust and possessiveness;

Squeezed my heart tightened into pleasure.

Pleasure was high above the sky;

Pain was there, sweet as nectar it seems;

Tightened muscles heat was plenty;

Breathless moments, comes by the way.

Heart was heavy with thunderous emotions;

Broke into pieces, crushed into pieces;

Over flowed Blood dripped every where;

Ocean was red, reddish as blood.

She was far in the horizon deep;

Eyes where red with lust and possessiveness;

Looked sharply, sucked the juice;

Lips were tasty like a honey.

Jerking bodies, breathless moments;

Earth was wet, air was thin;

Burning lust, wind was heavy;

Horses running echoed like thunder.

Cry of lust echoed the World;

Lost in wind; never existed here;

Thirst of desire; bend their spine;

In the deepest jungle, pleasure was there.

Kissed and fondled, Cared and licked;

Breast was big, soft and firm;

Squeezed and licked with overloaded love;

Dashed my heart; in the heaviness of strokes.

Crawled like snakes, in the heaven of pleasure;

Horses ran faster; flowers bloomed colorful;

Wind was hot, wind was cold;

Clouds of lightning, strike inside hearts.

Rain poured water flowed;

Raised the smoke, up to the heavens;

Cry of lust fainted away;

Breath was heavier, sweat was flowing.

Eyes were closed, exchanged the heat;

Muscles relaxed, thoughts appeared;

Kissed her forehead, rain was over;

Starred far away, like new born babies.

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