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Who you are...!

By: aruntp

Page 1, The poem explains the philosophy of Life and Death in its ultimate level. The poem should be read once, and then close your eyes and walk within yourself until you find yourself in pitch darkness that never exists ever…! You see the God is within yourself…!

Oh Lord! Point your Index finger; touch the space within you;

Feel the time within space;

Feel yourself, feel yourself;

The truth is within you, Oh Lord!


Open the door of brightness, Oh Lord!

You lie within you;

The God and the Devil live within you;

Oh Lord, Close your eyes within you, Open your eyes within you!


The world you live is within you;

The home and creatures surrounded is within you;

The feelings and emotions are within you;

The whole of Oceans, lands and skies beyond is within you!


Oh Lord, the beauty lies within you, the ugliness lies within you;

The rage, love and sadness lies within you;

Fear and sorrow floods within you;

And the whole relations are within you.


Oh Lord, the ocean of beliefs floods within you;

The oceans of mental states floods within you;

The prejudice and affections floods within you;

The mind floods with oceans of stimuli’s lies within you.


Oh Lord, the oceans of miracles and creations lies within you;

Your wife and children exists within you;

Foes and Enemies wage war within you;

Search for truth lies within you.


The whole brightness of this world vanishes with you;

The whole darkness of this world exists with you;

The birth and death is within you;

Oh Lord, you never live anywhere, runs everywhere in the illusion created selfless.


Self and selfless exists within you;

Everything exists, until you vanish;

The world of brightness changes its form;

Until someday you dissolve within yourself, Oh Lord!

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