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A Deep Thirst

By: ashi17

Page 1, This poem is about a scene where a girl is going to meet her love but she met with an accident before him and..........

Blood drains drop after drop,
A strange red color, a color of life,
She tried to hold back the storm,
The strong desire to meet her love was dying now,
She was now down to her last breath,
She looked across to see the world for a last time.

A deep thirst goes unquenchable,
A sketch without filling up colors ,
A bird without exploring sky,
A dark cloud without falling rain,
A bud dries in the desire of blossom,
A seed which could have been a tree some day,
A beauty left untouched, unseen,
A gleam lost without being lightened up,

Is that deserving a destiny of poor being ?
She closed her eyes accepting the truth
Embarking on an Infinite journey into the other world,
Someone might wait for her, ignorant of her end.
A killing wait, that would fill him with an unending pain!

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