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A Tribute to Grandmother

By: ashi17

Page 1, Grandmothers are loved and recalled because of their unconditional and unselfish love and bedtime stories, wisdom and helpful advises. This poem is also about one of cutest Granny of mine, who died in 2004 but her memories are always fresh in my mind. This poem is a tribute to my lovable Grandmother !


Today I am upset,

filled with a great loss,

I again lost the one,

close to my heart.


My dear grandmother!

Why did you leave me, alone?

I was satisfied with

my childish thought.


You would be always,

with me, till my last.

by leaving destiny of yours,

you will love me always.


I know you are sleeping,

in your grave, silently,

keeping my love in your heart,

Showering your blessings, always.


I wish this in my dreams,

in different phrases of my life,

I would be as loved one,

Grandmother as you were.

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