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Coffin made of gold

By: ashi17

Page 1, Poem is about strange suffocating feeling of leaving in closed walls.

Tired of being on
duty and routine,
sinking and bored,
lock same as flock.

Waiting to end silly day,
holding silence of night,
roar of wild thunder,
rocks beyond hike.

Let me rewind
time circle to
reborn and to relive
to refresh, and rejoice.

To creep like bird,
dance as waves,
bounce to touch
the heights of sky.

Dreaming of anonymous,
waiting to be loved
bloom of beauty,
innocent and untouched.

Lots of acquaintance,
loved and cared,
attention and creation,
enjoys every moment.

You came in my life
as twist and turn,
accepted every new
gave everything to you.

You closed me in shell
locked me in closed walls
made border around
as property of your own.

Suffocating in closed
struggling to breathe,
living in this cold
coffin made up of gold.


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