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How can I be with You?

By: ashi17

Page 1, A beloved raises questions to her love as he decides to have her back after a long period of separation.

Wandering in cold darkness,

Lost all hopes and desires,

Want to end this dead journey,

Why do you still want me with you?


I bore a lot, without letting out a sigh

Never demanded or complained,

You were always in my heart and soul,

Did you ever wish me in your prayers?


You were amazed when I loved you,

You froze, when I was leaving you,

You didn’t even utter a word to stop me,

In all those years, have you ever missed me?


Now you want me to come back,

Accepting all your faults, for my love,

Want to pay me back in happiness,

With nothing left inside, tell me how can I trust?


Have always loved you more than myself,

But now I have aged and withered

My lackluster looks please none

When I’m gone, will my absence be missed?

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