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I will live again

By: ashi17

Page 1, Break ups and separation is a painful but sometimes it comes as a freedom from unwanted relation and a space to breathe and live for your own.

It was a heavy rain
But my eyes were dry
My cracked lips smiled

As I waited for you one last time!

And then you came
Like a stranger to my eyes,
Showing me papers to sign
A signature for your liberation!

Free you would be,

From the unwanted strings
Responsibilities, care, love

and the unending grief, me!

A free bird, at last
As you always want to be,
I was a cage for you
So I let you be free!

I loved you, cared for you,
Surrendered my life
I gave everything just
To be tagged as your wife!

Now I am hurt, shattered,
Wasted so many years,

Giving you everything I had,
I now wish to live for myself!

It would be tough, I don't deny,

But one day I'll breath and relax
Live in a world of solitude,
Without burden and suffocation!

One day I'll have my desires back,

of love and a life without pain
Forgetting all the things I've lost
Away from you, I will live again!

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