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Love is what ?

By: ashi17

Page 1, Love is what ?

Love is what?
A feeling of warmth on the lap of my mother,
or was it the hold of father's finger while starting my life's first walk ?

Love is what ?
The company of my friends, when we played games of all kind,
or to fight on things by saying "What's mine is better than yours."

Love is what ?
Looking into your depth of eyes and filled with the fear of the fall ?
Or a rough hold of someone leaving your body with blue marks?

Love is what ?
A gentle feel of bliss in soul by imagining someone around ?
Or getting uneasy by the presence of your possessor?

Love is what?
A moment of being special, when someone says you are 'beautiful'?
Or the storm that follows, when someone asks the reason of your charm?

Love is what?
To live by silently killing the emotions suppressed inside your heart?
Or to cut threads of your life, to free your soul so that it can love again?

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