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Poor Girl

By: ashi17

Page 1, Tried to picturise feelings of a girl who becames insecure after knowing world around her........

I have seen a baby girl;

covered with little black cloth,

lying near a dirty drain,

crying, crying and crying.


Beautiful creature with tearful eyes,

throwing her legs and hands,

all over the sides,

and crying, crying, crying.


Soon two old man goes,

near her, to check her out,

and passed near me by saying,

that was her last crying.


I thanked the God !

who blessed her by death,

and freed her from,

crying all though life.


Now none can tease her by

saying her, poor girl !

none of world's lived God can

beat, burn, rape or murdered her.


Lucky girl, meet with her destiny,

and freed from all pain !

soon, thousands of cries come to me,

God knows, what will be their end.

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