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Smart Lover

By: ashi17

Page 1, This poem is based on a imaginative scene, where a girl is leaving her love because of her responsibilities and he has already added someone else in his life someone else for his luxurious future.

Oh, don't leave me alone,
my beloved, you are my only world,
I loved you more than myself,
he said with showing, all his devotion.

He held my hand tightly,
but truth was missing from his eyes,
I hold my breath inside myself,
to control my emotions at that moment.

I slowly freed my hand,
from the grip of his warm palm,
with a great and strange realization,
this is my Love's biggest examination.

I confessed, forgive me dear,
although, my love is immortal
for you only, today and forever,
but I am bound to leave you.

As my duties are calling,
I have to fulfill responsibilities,
which are more important than my life,
it's hard, but necessary to sacrifice.

You know, I will be more disturbed
unable to love again, but I am sure,
you will forget me, in another's arms,
he tried to hide his, that hand smartly.

Wearing sumptuous, diamond ring,
relaxed by thinking that he transferred,
his sense of guilt on his beloved's mind,
I knew the fact but spread smile on lips.

Accepting the painful tragic end
of my one and only romantic story,
I absorbed a storm inside myself
and moved with lifetime pain, in love.

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