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The Abandoned Soul

By: ashi17

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My soul begs me for something, 

Something which was once mine,

I look back at the faces of my old friends,

They clap and sing, oblivious of my presence!


There's no sound,

But I can hear their laughter,

It fills my heart with melancholy,

The realization that they have all gone!


I know no one would call me, 

nor take me by my hand,

For I have been condemned,

Set as an example for everyone to see!


I take a final look at the marks I left behind.

A feeling of nostalgia makes me cry,

I'm free, I tell myself as I begin to climb,

I am moving forward, to let my spirit sail on!


A new life awaits me, 

There in the darkness of empty spaces,

Where no emotions tread by,

No memories to haunt my tortured mind!


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