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Without Any Existence

By: ashi17

Page 1, Damini was a 23 year’s old student (Delhi, India). She was coming back to home, she boarded the wrong bus. And gang raped by six men and thrown to die on the road. She was wounded, exposed, devastated. She has gone into coma five times since 16th December. She is unconscious, critical and hanging between life and death. She is related to me by the universal bond of humanity and on being a woman I am feeling disturb and expressing myself through this poem.

Born to serve you,
To be used as you may need,
I am just an instrument of pleasure,
To be consumed by your insatiable lust!

Made just to fulfill expectations
To be broken, shattered and stomped on
I was made for subjugation
To be cut into pieces and thrown into the trash!

I exist without any existence,
Never had any choice of my own,
I am a thing to be sold and gifted
A mannequin for decoration .

I am a girl thrown near bin,
I am a sister with no rights,
I am a daughter who's a burden,
I am a languished wife.

I placed you, in my womb
Cared for you as a sister
Loved you as true beloved
Gave you my life as your wife.

For you, I am just a plaything
you play with my emotions to have my body!
Feel free to tease, I am a roadside lady,
or rape, after you have beaten the hell out of me!

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