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You Are My Invincible

By: ashi17

Page 1, A tale of love.

Hold my hand and be my desire,
To wander on the colors of rainbow,
Feel the breeze with eyes shut
Enjoy beauty of water fall and fire,
Dance on the beats of rain, feeling the rhythm,
We will fly like angels floating amongst clouds.

You may be unattainable, invincible,
I will win your heart and make you mine,
I Will be your dimpled delighted smile,
To please you, I will give everything of mine,
I will wear blue color of your choice,
You being white, the pure like my love.

Be mine and embrace my emotions,
I want to explore the deepest of the oceans,
by drowning myself in your love,
to discover the world hidden in you,
Climb mountains to discover heights of life,
Travel on twilight to see twinkling stars at night.

You are always my knight-errant,
Who is born to win me from this world,
I am your fascinating quest
If you can’t dare to fall in depth of love,
To climb heights of my feelings for you,
Then free my soul and let me go away from the world.

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