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The Lonely Smile

By: Ashley I Read

Page 1, Just something that can mean a lot, but may not appear to.


I look into your eyes, and you stare back

I only notice the one thing you lack

You have the eyes of someone weary

All of the time they are teary

But why are you sad, and why won’t you tell me?

I can tell when I look deeply

Into those eyes that you hide away

There’s something that you want to say


The rest of your face is exactly the same

It seems to sit there, innocent and tame

Except that smile, that lonely smile

You are sad but it’s there all the while

Never fails to hide the emotion

It’s like you have some magic potion

Because your smile tells me that you are fine

But I can see the vital sign

Your eyes are weary…oh so weary.

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