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A Simple Poet

By: attanasio

Page 1, About me and poetry. Picture is my wife & I on our wedding day 42 years ago.


A simple poet…

By: Joe Attanasio




My poetry lacks the flowery feel

That many poets use for appeal

Complex analogies I have to forgo

Actually, how they re made, I don’t know


Some poet’s true message they hide

They give barely a hint as a guide

Using words I have to look up to see…

Since I don’t have a Masters Degree


Their description of a gain of sand

Twelve lines long and oh so grand

To try and compete with that

I would always fall flat


In some poems, I don’t know the cast

The poets knowledge is very vast

Sometimes I don’t know if their pain is real

Or my sadness they just want me to feel


I write about simple things we all know

I have thoughts I just want to show

I use words all can understand

No fancy word ‘slight of hand’


I try not to make them too long

I don’t want to string readers along

I am but a simple poet

And my poems really show it!


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