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Christmas poem to my Wife

By: attanasio

Page 1, This is a personal poem but two relatives wanted to see it after my wife mentioned it to them, so I am posting it here.





2011 and Christmas is the time of year

We are together and this brings me cheer

Our time together has been most of my life

I have been blessed to have you for a wife



I know you would say who, what, me, why

You can not grasp why I am a lucky guy

You feel like a burden, but your not

You’re my special person, I love you a lot



You’re not just the “woman behind the man”

Together we have made me, who I am

Whenever I need you, you will be there

You are the answer to my prayer



We are quite a comfort to each other

Our love a compliment, not a smother

You and I make quite a team

As we work and play and dream



Together, into the  future we stroll

Sharing our hearts and our soul

You who I want to always be with

For your love is a most precious gift




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