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By: attanasio

Page 1, A poem about a commitment of love.


I learned this simple fact

From my high school math

You’d know if you used your smarts

A whole is the sum of its parts


My physical beating heart

Is made from many a part

Many chambers and valves

Into this, I care not to delve


My loving heart I know

Is made of mind and soul

Together they form

A heart that’s warm


My soul is life eternal

My very inner kernel

My mind is so complex

So easy to perplex


Filled with wants and needs

Emotional soup it breeds

If you make me want you

Thoughts of love will spew


Once I take you to my bed

You will be forever in my head

When thoughts of you consume me

There is no more I, just we


To love you with my whole heart

Is not to play a bit part

I will seal my soul in a box

Give you the key to fit the lock


You will always be on my mind

I’ll think of you all the time

Once I commit to you

My heart will always be true


I am a one-woman man

I hope that you understand

When I give, I give for life

That’s why I want you for a wife



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