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Fire and Ice Sonnet

By: attanasio

Page 1, This sonnet was written for Faux Clove\'s competition about the FIRE and ICE Antonyms.


Fire & Ice the Sonnet



From a spark, to flame, to a raging fire

Transformed completely, from human to beast

Emotion moves from resentment to ire

All logic is lost, all control has ceased


Nothing matters, except what you desire

Ruthlessly pursued, with vengeance and hate

Angry; your violence will never tire

Your lust for vengeance, will never abate


I’m apathetic, my heart made of ice

I do not care; I have no emotion

I have no reaction you can entice

Take your fire and go jump in the ocean


When fire meets ice; fire never has a chance

Once burned by ice; that flame will never dance







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