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Halloween Wishes!!

By: attanasio

Page 1, A little Halloween from me.


Halloween wishes!!



This is nothing to fear

Because Halloween is here

Jack-o-lanterns, with wicked grin

Orange flickering light within


Ghouls and goblins abound

Creepy crawly things around

In the shadows, walking dead

Sharp claws, designed to shred


Skeletons clank, with walking bones

Slimy creatures like Davy Jones

Ghosts appear in every scene

Because it is Halloween

Naughty people, playing pranks

Deviate souls fill their ranks

Pools of blood everywhere

Beady eyes, from bushes stare

Zombies wander aimlessly

Doing deeds shamelessly

Fingers reaching from the grave

Living flesh they do crave


Madmen, ravaging at will

Strange touches cause a chill

Screams in the night

Causing quite a fright


Mysterious vapors fill the air

Ethereal beings come to scare

The Undead, reaching out

Tentacles they seem to sprout

Vampires hunt at night

Looking for souls to bite

Werewolves search for prey

Their fur all matted and grey


Witches working on a spell

To send your soul to hell

Every kind of spirit and fiend

Wish you a gruesome Halloween


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